You might not be able to fight with swords or wear armor, or even go on a quest to slay evil on the city, but there are many of things you can do here, great experiences to have and breathtaking landscapes to admire, caves to explore, songs to sing, and beers to drink, so let´s start with the thing you can do in this marvelous place.


For those that love a nice walk to clear the mind, or just to keep the exercise mood going walking is one of the main thing you can do here, there are miles and miles of wild areas to explore, it´s a good idea to bring a compass, a map, and a bottle of water if you are not that familiar with the area, you might encounter a few paths along the way but there are still some places that have not been touched by man.

For those that don’t like going that deep into wilderness you can have a walk through the village or some woods to admire the nature, animals and some waterfalls, after walking you are going to find great spots for having a good picnic or just relaxing, take a few moments to admire the work of mother nature, and don’t harm it in any way, so get your own bag to get disposed of trash later.


If you are more into high places then climbing is the perfect activity for you, the Moelwyn have great climbing rock famous in Britain, the rock is solid, so bring all your equipment, whether you are a newbie or a pro, even just for fun this place offers different levels of difficulty so everyone will enjoy the southern cliffs.


As one of the main slate producer in Northern Wales it has an extense cave system that extends for miles underground, a few of these caves are still used for slate extraction but the Llechwedd slate caverns its open for exhibition allowing the visitors to see how the quarrymen lives were, this activity should not be taken lightly, it has a level of danger so bring your equipment and contact a local caving group.

Kayaks and Canoes

You might not be a land kind of person and the rivers or the seas might call your attention more than a rock wall or a dark cave, in this case let me tell you that you can enjoy that here as well, there are plenty of rivers and waterfalls to start paddling, whether it is a canoe or a kayak we know you are going to have fun, just go with the flow!.


Talking about the rivers and seas, perhaps you just want to relax, enjoy a drink and get your primal hunting instincts starting, so get your rod, reel and bait to try to see how much you can fish, you have any options between trouts, you might fish a rainbow or a brown one, just make sure you are not going to blow anything up, only old school fishing allowed if you don’t want trouble with the authorities.

Bird Watching

If you are just into relaxing in the woods, enjoying the silence and peace of nature and admiring the fauna then you can go to any forest in the area where you can find a great birdlife or higher peaks if you are looking for a more rare kind of bird like the chough, if you don’t mind the cold and the rain that is, you can also find many woodpeckers, ravens and buzzards.

Only nature?

At this point you might be thinking that the only things you can do here are related to nature, or sport, or exercise or moving and being explorers, well…no! there are plenty of thing you can do indoors, just see the next list to find out how to have fun while staying safe from nature.


Nothing better to cheer up than having a nice, cold, beer, the only thing that you are not going to miss on this town even if you are there for 5 minutes are the pubs, where you are going to have the greatest party of your life, come and enjoy a good Guiness to make great memories that you are probably not going to remember the next morning.


If you are looking to cure the hangover from the night before or just to enjoy a nice and hot coffee and a wonderful breakfast then the options are many, at The bridge café you can find a great breakfast or a light lunch, and you can take the The Blaenau Burrow Challenge


If you enjoy paintings then you can check out the Cell creative centre where the local artist exhibit their work, but that is not all you can find, this centre also counts with the participation of musical bands and other underground activities and you can also find a photographic studio and a small cinema.

The Railway

After a day of exercise, and before heading to the pub to watch a local band perform you have an awesome alternative to spend your afternoon, the Ffestiniog railway where any train can take you on a ride to the harbor town of porthmadog and see the pastures, forest and waterfalls along the way, another great way to enjoy nature and one of the humankind most useful inventions.

Blaenau Ffestiniog, just a great place to visit and explore, they say there is no better way to get there than taking a train, so if you are looking for a small vacation or just an escape from routine or to take that special someone to have a very romantic experience together, just imagine it, proposing at the top of a hill with the great plains around you, she won’t say no to that!

So come to this fairy tale like place and enjoy the perfect fusion between nature and the mankind, a fusion that no other place can match!